Yes You Can

Pathway back to excellence - For teens and young adults

A Lionheart Education and Yes We Can Youth Clinics initiative

The goal of Yes You Can is simple: to offer a long-term solution to a young person’s academic and professional journey by combining world-leading therapy with a holistic re-introduction to education.

Our Programme

An exceptional 22-week programme consisting of two distinct phases: during the first 10 weeks, fellows (teens and young adults age 15 to 25) are invited on a globally recognised rehabilitation programme at Yes We Can Youth Clinics (YWCYC) in the Netherlands; from boosting self-esteem to finding one’s motivation, this one-of-a kind intensive programme is expertly designed to reignite a young person’s purpose in life. Through proactive and intensive methods, YWCYC tackles a range of issues preventing young people from excelling, all under the guidance of leading experts in their respective fields. For this reason, YWCYC is uniquely placed to offer the very highest support to the 15-25 age bracket.

Having successfully completed YWCYC’s 10-week programme, the following 12 weeks are spent at Lions Campus in central London, a safe and warm place in which the best environment has been created for young people to work on a new and bright future. Fellows will live at Lions Campus, the UK’s first young person’s recovery residence where they will work on their personal development alongside an experienced team of mental health professionals and prominent recovery coaches. During this time, they will receive an entirely bespoke educational programme provided by Lionheart Education, whose tutors and mentors will work to ensure that each young person rediscovers a love of learning and reconnects with their educational ambitions.

About Yes We Can Youth Clinics

Founded in 2010, Yes We Can Youth Clinics (YWCYC)  has garnered a strong, worldwide reputation through the help it has delivered to thousands of young people getting their lives back on track. YWCYC, located in a 13th century castle on 17 acres of nature, is certainly not your average clinic; offering the highest standards of care in a warm, positive, supportive environment, a team of 500+ highly-qualified psychiatrists, counsellors, therapists and sports coaches are here to guide and offer truly personal support.

‘I had a great time and I smile whenever I think back to it. Yes We Can taught me to express my limits, show emotions, be vulnerable, share, be myself and that I should do it for myself, not for others. This is the place where I stopped feeling so alone – all the people at the Clinic are there for you. I’m ready to start over!’
~Kevin (17)

About Lions Campus

Lions Campus offers a bridge between the primary phase of treatment and the real world enabling young people to continue practicing their coping strategies in a safe, substance-free environment, without further loss in academic attainment. The aim is to improve long-term wellbeing and reduce chances of relapse or further complications relating to mental health difficulties or disorders.

Lions Campus is a fresh approach to adolescent extended care which is a safe, supportive, recovery oriented residence for young people coming out of primary care. The focus at Lions Campus is to provide a home-like environment in a peaceful setting, whilst treating fellows as independent young adults.

The team works collaboratively to provide everything a young person needs to maintain recovery from addictive tendencies, food disorders and other mental health challenges.

About Lionheart Education

Since 1989, Lionheart has provided a bespoke and confidential educational advisory and private tutoring service to families based in the UK and overseas. Headquartered in London with an international reach, Lionheart are the UK’s most respected educational partner that families put their trust in to advise and support them as their children navigate their way through academic careers that span several decades.

Lead by a team of experienced educators and advisors, Lionheart retains the most successful and experienced tutors to provide expert private tuition in every subject imaginable. Tuition Programmes are tailored to the exacting needs of each student and are delivered either at the child’s home, on site at Lionheart School London, virtually via Lionheart School Online and at Lions Campus.

Lionheart’s unparalleled experience and child-centred approach ensure that each child is fully supported to enable them to realise and achieve their fullest potential.

Part 1 of the programme

At Yes We Can Youth Clinics in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands, obstacles will be targeted that prevent young people from excelling. The extensive programme consists of daily group sessions, multiple one-to-one sessions, psycho-education, various evidence-based therapies and a minimum of 3 hours of challenging sports and outdoor activities per day. By doing this seven days a week from 7 in the morning to 10.30 at night, structure, hope and good prospects return – step by step.

Parents/carers will receive help through purposefully designed family coaching and counselling programmes. This programme is much needed to restore trust, family values, as well as respectful, loving communications.

Part 1 of the programme

The unique aspect of Yes We Can Youth Clinics is the combination of intensive therapy, sports and outdoor activities. The sports and outdoor activities have a therapeutic significance and the facilities at YWCYC fit this programme like a glove. The multi-tennis court, high ropes course, mountain bike track, survival track, gym and fishing pond make sure that the youngsters have enough options to exercise for which they can make use of all the in-house facilities.

Part 2 of the programme

Combining a strong focus on personal and academic goals with expert pastoral and mentor support, the young person will reside at Lions Campus in Marylebone. Whilst living at the recovery residence, fellows will partake in a programme built on the recovery capital framework and include group workshops, 1:1 support, 24/7 staffing, peer and group support. Alongside this, an enrichment programme also focuses on life skills, sports, movement, art, music, nutrition and cooking lessons.

Having successfully integrated into Lions Campus, after week 4, fellows will receive a bespoke educational programme provided by Lionheart Education, to guide one back into full-time study and reignite a passion for learning that may have been lost. Together with the educational team, each student will be evaluated on their current attainment, future goals and personal needs, working towards internationally recognised qualifications such as GCSE, A-Levels and IB. All lessons will be taught solely on a one-to-one tuition by the most successful and experienced tutors in the UK, thus allowing a greatly accelerated rate of progress compared to most mainstream schools.

Lionheart Education are uniquely placed to offer an exhaustive list of national and internationally accredited qualifications, facilitating reintegration into educational institutions at various academic levels - from secondary school to university.

Part 2 of the programme


When at Yes We Can Youth Clinics in the Netherlands during the first 10 weeks, fellows will stay with 20 other young people facing similar challenges and goals in a glorious 13th century castle set in 17 acres of rural surroundings, sharing a spacious and comfortable room with ensuite facilities. During the 12 weeks at Lions Campus, teens and young adults will be staying in a secure, safe and warm recovery residence in central London. At both locations, supervision by a qualified team of experts is available 24/7.

Guidance and care

Each family will be appointed a dedicated case manager during the first ten weeks in the Netherlands. Whilst in London, the Lions Campus and Lionheart Education teams will be looking after one’s academic and personal interests.

Participants will have access to an extensive set of bespoke aftercare facilities. After 10 weeks of intensive treatment, the main objective is to normalise life again. Many young people are done with therapy having left the clinic, although some still might need some extra attention, which can be provided through an enormous network of specialists. Fellows crave for structure, safety and a warm environment in which they can implement all lessons learned during treatment. Staying in touch with a peer group having experienced similar journeys are major contributors in permanent recovery.

Next to the offering of a bespoke academic programme, a daily programme is offered of meaningful activities and look ahead to the future in which fellows are ready to make the next steps in life outside Yes You Can.

Guidance and care


This 22 week combined Yes You Can programme costs €140.000, inclusive of full-board accommodation, tuition, clinical care and after care, extra-curricular activities, sports, and study materials.*

(*excluding travel costs for parental visits, medical expenses and bespoke therapeutic consults)

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